Barleti Group Consulting

Barleti Group Consulting

Barleti Group Consulting is a dynamic, multidisciplinary, and unconventional consulting company,operating through innovation, knowledge transfer, best regional and international practices and technologies.

Our Company originates proudly from the scientific paradigm and experience of Barleti University, research institutes and organizations, part ofBarleti Group.This is a unique approach to setting up a consulting company, as it offers the best expertise backed up by scientific and practical background.

We have the best expertise. Our advantages are only as strong as our consultants, that is why we closely cooperate with Barleti University and various other successful institutes of the Barleti Group to handpick our team of dedicated experts. Our diverse team consists of regional and international partners, scientists, academics and researchers and excellent graduated students. Our partnership with Barleti university provides the unique access to research labs, equipment and technological facilities.

We are innovative and creative. Our services bring innovative, multi-disciplinary problem-solving to industry challenges, so every business can face them with confidence in the knowledge that we are at their side to continually offer support and advice when things change.

We are business- oriented. By blending business and technology expertise with creativity, logic, and an understanding of your business, we commit to providing honest advice that complements the business strategy and boosts competitive advantage

Respect & Trust: Nothing is more important than the trusted relationships. We value the talent, time and intentions of everyone we work with.

Clarity: We are open, clear, direct, and honest in our communications. If something does not make sense, we ask questions.

Integrity: We strive to do the right thing always, act truthfully and honorably. We apply“Do it right even when no one is watching” attitude.

Innovation: We creatively approach every task and challenge to find original solutions.We value original thinking and thoughtful feedback – openly giving and receiving it.

We apply a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to what we do and what we aspire to achieve. We work to create a sustainable society where improved quality of life and economic growth is enabled by innovative and durable solutions to the most pressing needs, challenges and concerns for businesses, public institutions and people.

We provide insights that help companies and organizations make strategic choices and achieving exceptional results. We work closely with our clients to deliver solutions based on client need, industry and desired outcome.

The target audience for Barleti GroupConsultingis local, regional, and international businesses who want to invest, develop and increase their activities andreduce overhead costs. Apart from businesses, we aim to work with organizations, public and private institutions focused on innovation, sustainable development,social responsibility and policies.

Knowledge Economy


Digital Future and Information Technology Solutions


Education, Youth, Skills and Employment Promotion


Applied Research and Innovation


Private Sector Development


Green and Blue economy


Global Warming and Climate Change


Environmental Protection


Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency


Agricultural and Rural Development


Tourism and Related Industries


Legal Services


Governance and public sector


Urban Growth: Planning and Design


Architectonical Design


Engineering Design


Construction, Building and Supervision


Emergency Management and Fire Protection Services


Health and Safety


The Rule of Law

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

As a consulting company originated from the experiences of universities and institutions, academia and technical experience, we provide the transferring of knowledge, research-based solutions to businesses and non-commercial entities.

Capacity Building

We apply a systematic and integrated approach to offer education & training, knowledge management and knowledge networks, development and improvement of competences and capabilities necessary for achieving a sustainable progress.

Feasibility Studies

We assist companies, organizations government agencies into planning new initiativesor evaluating the existing ones offering them the right tools to see a clear path of how to achieve their objectives and gives the go/no go decision.

Project Cycle Management

We use the project cycle management methodology for managing projects in every sector. This allows us to address the complexities of the project, to maintain alignment with the agreed strategy and to provide relevant information.

Impact Assessment

We provide to project developers operating in various industries with the in-depth knowledge and tools needed to surpass standard environmental assessment requirements and enhance the environmental and social sustainability performance.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We assist organizations and companies in creating M&E programs. We employ a mixed-method approach to monitoring and evaluation, using both quantitative and qualitative data points and providing gap analyses and disaggregated data.

GIS and Data Management

We provide productive and practical approaches on data management and geographic information systems. We help companies make educated decisions by analyzing environmental, demographic, socio-economic and topographic data.

Public Policy

We design and structure incentives that allow companies and governments to achieve good social outcomes. We choose tailored instruments and methods, and our insights serves as helping tools for policy makers to determine the right course.

Studies and Survey

Studies and surveys are powerful tools to develop a better understanding of events, problems audiences and stakeholders. We conduct rigorous survey development and data analysis at any step of the process.

Market Research

We provide research to optimize concepts, products, map customer and understand their needs and expectations. Using focus groups, in-depth interviews, usability lab, web surveys we can provide the insights and solutions you need.


Commercializing products or technologies needs knowledge and planning, while the strategy behind it is critical to the successful outcome. Weoffer a proven market evaluation methodology and market penetration strategy.

Entrepreneurship & Startup Support

Professional assistance for entrepreneurs covering the full range of startup development topics. Helping organizations to create and implement meaningful entrepreneurship support and development programs.