Barleti Group Consulting


Our purpose is to create anunconventionalmodel of consulting. Working closely with universities, institutions, and hubs, we aim to bring services to our clients that will help their companies organizations prosper and grow, through our expertise, partnershipsand innovations.


Our ambition is to be a national and regional independent non-traditional consulting firm, that becomes the leader in each of the industries where it operates.The leader in innovation and sustainability; supporting and facilitating national and international businesses, organizations, and government agencies’ operations by reducing uncertainty and ensuring success based on our scientific and real-world experience.


Respect & Trust: Nothing is more important than the trusted relationships. We value the talent, time and intentions of everyone we work with.

Clarity: We are open, clear, direct, and honest in our communications. If something does not make sense, we ask questions.

Integrity: We strive to do the right thing always, act truthfully and honorably. We apply“Do it right even when no one is watching” attitude.

Innovation: We creatively approach every task and challenge to find original solutions.We value original thinking and thoughtful feedback – openly giving and receiving it.