Barleti Group Consulting

Knowledge Economy

The knowledge economy addresses how education and knowledge, that is, “human capital”, can serve as a productive asset or business product to be sold and exported to yield profits for individuals, businesses, and the economy.

Our partnerships with universities and research institutes,our access to the most skilled professionals and education systemas well as the developed ICT infrastructure we have establishedenable to pass on our knowledge and service in every sector, from more traditional fields (i.e., farmers) to the most advanced technological based- sectors.

Digital Future and IT Solutions

We aim to identify innovative digital approaches, develop tailored conceptions, and implement IT solutions. Our services include strategy, enterprise application support, all types and phases of custom software development, and cloud.

  • Enterprise applications and solutions
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Services
  • IT strategy

Education, Youth, Skills and Employment Promotion

Education is the key for sustainable economic development and strengthens democratic governance structures. BGC, collaborate closely to Barleti University has all the resources to provide a professional consulting for education, youth, skills, and employment related issues, including:

  • Policy, strategy, action plan development, stakeholder consultation and planning
  • Education system design and development at national and local levels
  • Program and project monitoring and evaluation, including social and economic impact analysis
  • Institutional development and strengthening with capacity development for education managers and administrators.
  • Strengthening cross-institutional linkages and development of networks – nationally and internationally.

Applied Research and Innovation

At BGC, we believe that research topics and results from academic research are the solution of every day’s issues and future prospect. We are committed to translate research results into innovative and efficient services to solve problems and to improve the quality of the services delivered to companies and organizations.

BGCis in partnership with national and international Universities and Research Institutes and benefits from their supportin various subjects. We can mobilize this network of skilled experts to design and propose innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions, compliant with the current international best practices.

A dedicated team of qualitative and quantitative researchers, data analysts, and experienced data collection staff, we are capable to conduct any type of qualitative and quantitative research project, training in Albania and in region. We have created a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Mechanism, applying quality control measures at all stages of the research - from research design to delivery of the outcomes.We offer our services in:

  • Social Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Tracking studies

Private Sector Development

The private sector is the engine of economic development and the source of income generation and public revenues. Our aim is to improve investment climate, as well as the role of science, technology, and innovation in market development. We aim to work with government agencies, private sector actors and civil society organizations. We are dedicated to improving the business environment and to facilitate business partnerships by offering:

  • Provision of business development services
  • Market access strategies
  • Identification, development and access to international value chains
  • Conduct investment analysis
  • Business partnership and investment facilitation
  • Public private dialogue in trade related issues

Green and Blue economy

Circular economy is seen as one of the main roads out of crisis. We have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and behaviors needed to survive, thrive and remain competitive in a low carbon economy.We at BGC, support the implementation of “green” projects by focusing on innovation, quality, and cost optimization.We provide advisory services to all types of companies active in the green economy and to institutions promoting sustainability.

Living in a coastal country,our attention is also in addressing environmental and social sustainability while promoting amarineeconomy as a growth opportunity for local communities.We aim to provide competent services to government agencies, non-governmental and private sector businesses in the realm of developing and implementing Blue Economy solutions for local seafood industries.

Global Warming and Climate Change

With the Ratification of Paris Agreement, our country is committed to the goal “net-zero” emission.It has become necessary for all businesses operating in energy, power, transportation, food & beverages, manufacturingand forestry as well as governments to take effective action against global warming to avoid severe consequences that may arise in the near future.

Therefore, we aim to advice and companies, businesses, government agenciesand organizations to improve integrity, sustainability performance and governance in global warming and climate change sectors. Our specialized teams can provide:

  • Understanding legal requirements
  • Climate footprint survey
  • Market and risk analyses
  • Assessment and carbon benchmarking
  • Facilitation of goal-setting process
  • Evaluation of emission reduction and compensation measures
  • Support for emission reduction projects

Environmental Protection

Barleti Group Consulting aims to help clients understand and manage the impacts of their activities and products, so that they can respond to business, regulatory or legal challenges effectively and develop sound strategies for operating sustainably.Achieving effective environmental outcomes requires breadth of perspective and depth of experience.

We work with the client as partners, helping to research and understand environmental impacts, strengthening the performance of our clients’ proposed designs and investments. We offer environmental consulting in every stage of the project cycle.

“Barleti Group Consulting” offers various types of environmental investigations, measurements, and research. The company employs a team of highly experienced specialists as well as all the requisite tools, instruments and measuring equipment necessary to carry out all kinds of projects. “BGC” specialists have a broad knowledge and experience in environmental monitoring, environmental investigations, research, and interpretations of data.

Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency

Barleti Group Consulting offers energy audits (inspections) in complete residential and commercial buildings, energy performance testing, energy certification and ratings.

Besides the energy audit BGCoffers complete energy efficiency projects and energy modeling. Throughout the new construction process, BGC offers the complete energy consulting, starting with the design phase to building turnover. BGC is brought on early in the process to work along with the architects to implement sustainable solutions for any budget.

During this design phase, BGC creates an energy model of the proposed building to demonstrate the projected energy performance.During the construction process, we conduct preconstruction meetings with all necessary trades and completes multiple on-site inspections. During on-site inspections, weverify the installation of complete, fully aligned air and thermal barriers, properly sealed HVAC equipment and duct work, and verifying efficiency using diagnostic testing (blower door and duct blaster tests).

Agricultural and Rural Development

Agriculture and rural development are playing an active, supporting role in the process of economic development. In Albania, the agricultural sector and the rural economy play an important part in overall strategy of economic progress.
We aim to provide services that help to improve agricultural production systems along the value chain in procurement, production, processing, and marketing. Our expertise includes:

  • Capacity building for agribusiness support institutions (e.g. technical centers, farm-based associations, extension providers)
  • Facilitating access to long term financing and capital investment
  • Examining and enhancing the food processing chain
  • Providing trainings in production techniques, quality management and food security
  • Establishing agro industry business incubators
  • Supply chain, resource efficiency

Tourism and Related Industries

Tourism business in Albania has enjoyed a considerable growth rates during recent years but in certain segments, comes up the need to develop strategies to achieve satisfactory return of investments and a beneficial development of a country's tourism industry.
BGC aims to provide smart solutions for tourist destinationsand important companies, make synergy to develop better tourism, which positively impacts the environment, society, culture, and heritage. Our company provide the following tourism solutions:

  • Preparation and implementation of tourism Master plans
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for tourism installations. Research of financial and active partners. Evaluation of operators.
  • Market segmentation and identification of most promising segments.
  • Search for, initiation, assessment, and implementation of new tourism products
  • Designing marketing and communication strategies
  • Smart tourism

Legal Services

Our goal is to establish a legal reliable background for companies and organizations to minimize the number of legal disputes and to protect the benefits of our clients. We ensure our clients; we are up to date with new regulations and laws and supported by a team of very qualified experts in the field of rule of law.

We aim to advise both in daily operations and other strategic projects covering corporate law, establishing new business ventures, commercial contracts, capital rising, regulatory matters, investment portfolios including commercial lending, real estate, etc., intellectual property, environmental legislation and continues support on management.

Governance and public sector

The public sector’s influence comes directly, through government entities, state-owned enterprises, and institutional funding, as well as indirectly, through regulation and oversight. We aim to address the key strategic tools that improve performance and help public-sector entities do the work they do better.

Our experience serving public-sector encompasses the following areas:

  • Economic development and sector strategies
  • Guidance of reform projects
  • Cost and service-quality improvements
  • Organizational design
  • IT infrastructure

Urban Growth: Planning and Design

Barleti Group Consultingprovide services in implementing urban plans, of various scales because has a multidisciplinary capability covering all the economic, social, physical, and environmental aspects of any development in a fully integrated manner.

Our focus in urban planning is mainly on a strategical urban plan with major impact in the touristic development sector, by both developing and preserving the cultural and natural heritage, in the energy, & resources industry focused mostly the urban sectorial plans for developing the renewable energy sector (hydro power plants, wind generators, solar power plants etc.) but also in mining and oil & gas, etc.

Architectonical Design

Barleti Group Consulting has a complete team of licensed architects and interior designers dedicated to each project, offering solutionsto its clients to develop and implement successful projects. “BGC” aims to work closely with its clients in all phases offering a complete project management service supported by BIM/Revit technology.

Our services in architectonical design are focused but not limited on residential buildings, tourist buildings, sports facilities, social-cultural centers, educational buildings, Interior design, landscape design, green area management, park.

Engineering Design

Our approach to the services for a sustainable energy of tomorrow is organized as a one stop shop for studying and designing your case.Based on sustainability and future service orientation, Barleti Group Consulting is focusing on providing services for companies in the Renewable Energy Sector.

“BGC” is mainly focused, but not limited to implementing these services to Hydropower Plants, Wind Power Plants and Solar Power Plants. These services are organized into three main components:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Optimization Studies
  • Detailed Design

Construction, Building and Supervision

Construction supervision fromBarleti Group Consulting,aims to the completion of the projects on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards.

Since the construction process consists in a complex coordination of different contractors, BGC aims to guide the project to completion on time, on budget and in compliance with the relevant quality standards. BGCfield of expertise in construction supervision covers the construction of buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, wind farms, power facilities etc.

Emergency Management and Fire Protection Services

Barleti Group Consulting aims to be the leading company in Albania, for all the fire protection engineering, design and installation services. Our fire safety experts include degreed mechanical engineers and certified fire protection experts.

Our field of expertise, in fire protection, consists both in planning and supervision, for a wide variety of projects such as, residential, social, economic, infrastructure, industrial etc. We offer a full-service in fire protection engineering, design, and installation services, as well as inspection, testing and maintenance services.Our start-to-finish Fire Protection Engineering, Design and Installation Services can be tailored to fit your every need.

Health and Safety

“Barleti Group Consulting”, aims to become the Albania’s leading health and safety management consultant company, working with clients across a wide range of sectors to ensure their safety standards are compliant with legislation and other international standards.
BGC was founded on the principles of delivering a responsive, professional quality health and safety service to a broad range of industry sectors.
We tailor our service levels to meet all our clients’ health and safety requirements:

  • to create and write or review an existing health and safety policy
  • to conduct a full audit of your business and workplace to verify that your health and safety practices are correct.
  • to carry out risk assessments in the workplace, machineries, fire risk, and support with appropriate training
  • to work closely with client’s team to create a tailored health and safety manual.

The Rule of Law

The rule of law is a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions, and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated, and which are consistent with international human rights norms and standards. Our experts provide technical legal assistance efforts in the following substantive areas:

  • Anti-corruption and public integrity
  • Criminal law & combating trafficking in persons
  • Gender issues
  • Human rights & conflict mitigation
  • Judicial reform
  • Legal education reform